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Jailbreak iPhone to Enhance Experience & Efficiency - easy steps and apps

Like many iPhone users I was very curious about this whole Jailbreaking stuff. I did tried to google it when I first brought iPhone. But after reading all the techie stuff, i gave up untill I read about www.jailbreakme.com . Going to the website Jailbreakme.com from any iPhone offers possibly the easiest jailbreak method in iPhone history. Using a PDF security flaw the website uses a corrupt font that makes running code possible.

And so I just pointed my Safari browser to jailbreakme.com and within half a minute, I got the Cydia store icon on my phone.

So why would you want to Jailbreak anyway ? some of my thoughts?

  • You are a freak and tech savvy that you want to keep experimenting
  • You are bored with the same old iPhone UI, lack of functionality and want something new.
  • You want to transfer files & photos over Bluetooth to PC and other phones
  • You want a view all files and email them as attachments.
  • You want a good tools for multitasking, email notifications, alerts, T9 supported dialer etc.. 
  • You want to tether your iphone to use internet on laptop
  • use skype and other messengers to make VOIP over 3G.
  • Add new UI themes and icons to iphone.
  • and do many things you always wished.... :)

And what is really a Jailbreaking ?

Its a process that allows iPadiPhone and iPod Touch users to run third-party unsigned code on their devices by unlocking the operating system and allowing the user root access. Once jailbroken, iPhone users are able to download many extensions and themes previously unavailable through the App Store via unofficial installers such as Cydia & RockApp

Jailbreaking Myths and Risks - many stories

Jailbreaking is not unlocking! It is risk free and totally legal (as many claim). Everything that works before jailbreaking continues to work after. Jailbreaking only adds features.  You can simply restore in iTunes at anytime to get back to a factory state.

Why Apple is against Jailbreaking ?

Of course Apple wants to keep control of the iPhone platform. Apple has made Apps store rules for their benefits. Some of these rules include: patching system files such as SpringBoard, allowing apps to run in the background, running apps out of the “sandbox”, and simply doing things Apple decided that they don’t want you to do often for reasons to their benefit, not yours (such as tethering).

When iPhone was launched, it had 1-2yr old features that rest of competition already had. May be they want to create customer curiosity for next release and not provide everything at once. 

Read more at http://thebigboss.org/why-jailbreak-iphone


How to Jailbreak ?

Just point your iphone safari browser to www.jailbreakme.com  Dont know when this hack will be fixed by Apple. So hurry.!!!

The process ?

  • Once you point your browser to jailbreakme.com and swipe your finger on the lock button, the iphone will rebooth and add a Cydia store icon on homescreen. thats it. Done. 
  • Now use this Cydia store to find another Apps store RockApp. Now you have three app stores. The original iphone apps, Cydia and RockApp
  • You  can now search the apps you want and download them. I have found the paid apps in cydia and rockapp are costly then the iphone apps store. Generally the jailbreak apps are in the range of $10 to $20. There are few at $3 to $5. But  hardly any at $0.99
  • The skeleton basic :
    • Springboard is the name given by Apple to the home screen
    • Summerboard is the name of a Jailbroken app that lets you customize the Springboard
    • Winterboard is the new 2.X Jailbroken app that basically succeeded summerboard in its functions
  • Many of the functionality that Jailbreaking apps provided earlier to iOS4,  are now directly available from iOS. These are background apps (backgrounder App) , Folders, etc. So be careful before downloading apps. 

    Jailbreak Apps that I have on my iphone with actual screenshots

    This is the G.O.C. Theme Pro by ToyVan $1.99


    This theme makes transparent circular icons and adds a 5 icon deck. It has custom sounds and wall paper. You need to also install 5 icon app to get them on the deck.

    The Cydia Store - free

    This is probably one developer Jay Freeman show. The store is self sufficient to buy, download apps, update existing apps and remove apps. It also shows the space available.

    RockApp Store - free

    This is another store to download apps.


    SB Settings - free

    This provides a one click access to any running tasks and you can switch it on/off


    The Activator App - free

    This is accessed from Settings > Activator. It provides all your dream touch interactions. You can assign any gestures to any action now. I wish Apple provided this in their core OS


    The WinderBoard - free 

    This is the place where all UI stuff happens. The order of rendering the apps are decided here. It controls the homescreen layout.


    This app pulls all your notifications together. I would call it unified messaging.


    IntelliScreen $9.99

    This is my favorite. It shows all notifications on your homescreen like emails, calendar, weather, news, etc.




    my another favorite. Now you can send files over bluetooth using this app. I dont know why Apple is so cruel to prevent people sharing photos and files from iphone to other devices. 



    Elert $1.99


    Shows a quick summary of new email no matter what App you're using on your phone. This is really helpful.




    this app fools the other apps that your iphone is on wifi and you can use other apps on 3G. Like make a VOIP call from skype. 


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