Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Designers as Entrepreneurs

Whenever I look at a great software product or a product company, I see that they were started by someone with strong engineering background. I can hardly recall if there are any product companies stated by designers. By saying designers, I mean UX designers (Lets keep Industrial designer out for time being). Ya, designers do have stared some UX service companies. What after that ?

Whenever you have a great idea, designers are constrained by their lack of software programming knowledge. They have to depend on software engineers. They cannot own the product code or check-in their idea to apps stores. Whereas software programmers can easily hire designers and still fully control the code ownership. Is it that in a software product, UX is not a core requirement ? UX can be done by anyone with good commonsense and little readings. 

Or is it that the entrepreneurial nature of UX designer is less then a engineer ? Do designers like the cozy jobs and live in their fancy world of creativity & criticism ? Are they afraid to take business challenges which programmers can take? Are designers soft hearted and shy ? I know UX designers cannot be that shy, they do have to sell their ideas like a sales persons.  As a designer you have to always convince your theory, either by backing it by design standards or usability test results. Engineering dont have to convince you their coding algorithm, even if they, you will not understand, But thats it. UX designer's world is limited to their 1st level of colleagues (PMs, Developers, Business heads). They dont like to interact with Sales, Finance(business value), marketing, technology. They are happy to do this job and for years. They like to attend conference and publish papers. Done !. So where is the need of entrepreneurship ?

But why dont i see startups or great product companies started by designers. Would things have been different ?   

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