Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Usability of Shampoo bottles.

Very simple designs but highly usable. The first shampoo bottle shows a pump that can be screwed and fixed. This helps when you are traveling and carrying it. Also accidental you don't pump the shampoo out.

The second bottle shows a cap that is at the bottom of the bottle. Or you can say the bottle is supposed to be kept upside down. This helps the thick shampoo to slide down and be available immediately once you open the cap.

The third bottle is a mouth freshener with a integrated cup. Isn't that can know how much you are using.

But the usability of such small shampoo sachet is still in question. You tend to use this while you are in bathroom and try to tear it off. But you have slippery hands and you cant. Can there be better design to break this sachet with wet hands.