Friday, December 22, 2006

Windows mobile 5 features

  • The new windows mobile 5 OS do not allow for adding separate video for any contacts. You can just add picture. But look at the size of picture it displays.. It like a small icone.
    Also the dialing pad do not have some important buttons(call history, Speed dial) mapped to hard buttons. You have to use the touch screen only...
  • Another big issue is it does not closes applications (eg- file manager, camera, photos viewer, music player) once you open it. They all run in background and eat your Ram. There is no exit menu for any application.
  • The fonts are very small. You cant really increase size to make it readable.
  • And off course it hangs many times.
  • I like it but still needs improvement.

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  1. nice comments on the blooopers on design of commonly used devices/accessories. I have a list of my own. :-)